Optimize your supply chain

Where do we start?

Using a strategy workshop, a flow and process analysis, and a questionnaire, we map out the quick wins and work points for the long term. Service, response time, cost optimization, and cooperation in the chain are key. After this assessment, you’ll receive a report on the fitness of your supply chain.

Is your distribution network set up correctly? Are service levels and costs optimized?

valueXstream helps distribution companies to balance a distribution network in accordance with their strategic objectives. We look at the location of production and inbound ports, the location and activities of the distribution centers, the distribution of stock (deployment) and the way in which goods are delivered to the customer (transport). Determining the number and location of distribution centers is crucial.

How do you align your warehouse with your business goals?

valueXstream is an expert in the field of warehouse design and optimization. Starting from your objectives, we work out a feasible concept with suitable storage and handling systems, for both new buildings and existing warehouses. A blueprint refines the concept and serves as the basis for the realization of all validated components.

How do you optimize transport and mode tendering?

Are you paying the right price for the right transport service? Do you make the best agreements? valueXstream helps you decide on the most suitable transport mode and assists you in choosing suitable transport providers, on the basis of both cost and service. We work with calculation models, databases of European carriers, SLA models, and an invoice control model.

Our approach

Using a strategy workshop, flow and process analysis, and questionnaire, we immediately spot quick wins and work points within your supply chain. But we also balance your distribution network and tailor your warehouse to your business goals. We optimize your transport. Our approach is always pragmatic, results-oriented, and deeply specialized.


“We guide you through all supply chain issues: from conceptual brainstorming through transformation processes to follow-up via KPIs.”

Marc Van Hoeck, Managing Partner


Thoroughly mapped

First, we thoroughly map out the fitness of your supply chain.

To the point

The question is: how can every area of your supply chain be improved?



In-depth knowledge of all areas of the supply chain and your industry.


Do you want to transform your supply chain?

Redesign or completely change your supply chain? Deliver on an e-commerce and omnichannel strategy? In- or outsource business? Successfully complete mergers or acquisitions? Or make your customs processes more efficient?