Your supply chain challenges

valueXstream is devoted to issues regarding your internal and external supply chain. As independent partners, we address your strategic and operational challenges with experience, insight and specialised competencies.

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Optimisation of the supply chain

By means of a strategy workshop, a flow and process analysis and a questionnaire, we map the quick wins and the points to be addressed in the long term. Service, response time, cost optimisation and cooperation in the chain are central. After this evaluation, you will possess a report regarding the fitness of the supply chain.

valueXstream supports distribution companies in the balancing of a distribution network in accordance with the strategic aims. We assess the location of production and inbound ports, the geographical location and activities of the distribution centres, the deployment of the stocks, and the manner in which goods are transported to the customer. Determining the number and location of the distribution centres is crucial.

valueXstream is an expert when it comes to warehouse equipment and optimisation. On the basis of your business aims, we work out an achievable concept with suitable warehousing and handling systems, both for new builds and for existing warehouses. The concept is then refined into a blueprint which serves as the basis for the realisation of all validated components.

Are you paying the right price for the right transport service? Are you entering into the right agreements? valueXstream helps you to decide what the most suitable transport modus is, and supports you in choosing suitable freight companies, on the basis of both costs and service. We use calculation models, databases of European freight companies, SLA models and an invoice control model.

Transformation of the supply chain

End customers view, communicate, buy and return through various channels, both offline and online: the physical shop, a pop-up shop, a webshop, a collection point, a mobile app, an interactive catalogue … An omnichannel supply chain keeps pricing, sales, order management, stock management and fulfilment under control by means of a central stock pool, which is the heart of the operations.

valueXstream helps you to redesign your approach to stocks, and in setting up a stock image which shows you, in real time and across the channels, a clear view of the end customer.

The aim of mergers and acquisitions is creating value through horizontal and vertical integration. Synergies in the supply chain and logistics are important drivers in this. valueXstream gives you independent advice regarding the challenges and opportunities with respect to logistics and supply chain: from screening at the start of an M&A process to logistics advice in the pre-investment process, and later during the implementation and operational optimising of the service.

Are you planning to divest? Then valueXstream helps you to realise an unbeatable return on shareholder value.

valueXstream knows the market and the offers of service providers through and through, both for logistics and for production. This means we are in the ideal position to give you advice for strategic, tactical and operational decisions regarding in- and outsourcing.

A customs diagnosis gives you an insight into how you currently deal with the customs activities. valueXstream formulates recommendations regarding compliance. An AEO certificate emphasises your reliability as a partner. It makes you think continuously about the effectiveness of your customs processes. We define your roadmap for certification on the basis of an in-depth knowledge of the AEO certification processes and a great deal of practical experience.

Automation of the supply chain

valueXstream supports when defining your future processes, and delineates roles and responsibilities. We draw up functionality lists as input for the specifications enabling you to choose the right software and implementation partner.

Process mining offers you an insight into the actual processes and enables you to determine anomalies which lead to less efficiency or lower performance. With the use of process mining, valueXstream maps your current processes on the basis of data logs from your applications – such as ERP, CRM, workflow, PDM, ITSM, systems developed in-house, data warehouses or Excel. On the basis of correct and complete data, the process description can be available in a short time. The creation of the process maps will then only take seconds and can be executed at any time – without long brown-paper sessions or support from a consultant.

Interim management

Your logistic and supply chain operations become increasingly complex, to the point that you would like to recruit an experienced supply chain manager. Not full time, because the budget for this is not available or because there is insufficient work. How do you go about this? valueXstream offers you experienced supply chain consultants and interim managers for long-term assignments on the scale of your problems and decision-making process, with experience in many sectors, such as FMCG, industry, food, retail, e-commerce, wholesale and logistics services. We enter into clear agreements about their hierarchical role in your organisation: without authority, no results.

valueXstream supports you with experienced project managers for accurate assignments. Our managers have experience in many sectors, such as FMCG, industry, food, retail, e-commerce, wholesale and logistics services. They enable you to speed up strategic, tactical or operational supply chain projects. They deliver results within the scope, budget and planning that you agreed upon, taking into account new insights during implementation.

We propose a bespoke training programme on the basis of your wishes and needs.